Personal Account Information

Each vMeeting.NET profile user has access to their personal account information.  For example, they can change their contact details, so that vMeeting can dial out to reach them.  They can also change preferred attendance method as dial-in or dial-out.


Note: If the vMeeting authentication type is configured to be Active Directory, not all personal account fields can be edited, depending on Administrator's settings.

Refer to Personal Account Parameters for more details.


To Edit Personal Account Information

    1. From the vMeeting.NET Meeting Menu, click the My User Account  link. The following page appears.


                                                    My User Account Page

    2. To change login password, click on the "Change User Password" link.


                                                   Change User Password Page

    3. Enter your new password and re-enter to confirm the password.  Then click on the OK button to proceed.

    4. A message showing successful update will be displayed.


    5. To change other personal details, simply click on the Edit button.

    6. The following page is displayed.


                                                Update My User Account Page

    7. Make changes as you wish, then click on the Update button to proceed.

    8. A message showing successful update will be displayed.




Personal Information descriptions are as followings:


The username of the profile user, which is used to login to vMeeting.NET.

First Name

The first name of the login profile user.

Last Name

The last name of the login profile user.


The title of the profile user.


The department of the profile user.


The address of the profile user.

Cost Code

This allows you to categorize your meeting costs according to departments for example.


Users can enter their primary number, mobile, alternate number or fax number.  

Alternate Phone

The alternate phone number of the profile user.


The mobile of the profile user.


The email address of the profile user.


The fax number of the profile user.


The timezone where you will attend your conferences.

Attendance Mode

You can select the way to attend the meeting, either call in personally or ask the system to call you.


You can select using email or sms as the notification method when conferences are scheduled/rescheduled/deleted or user profile is updated.