Scheduling a Meeting

When you click on the Schedule link from the vMeeting.NET Meeting Menu, the Schedule vMeeting form will appear and display the basic scheduling parameters for your meeting. Each of these parameters is explained below.

For more scheduling options, you can check out the vMeeting Services Options, Inviting Video SitesInviting Participants, Recurrence and Attachment Options. These sections will show you how to change your default meeting settings, invite users to your meetings, and attach documents. 

Note: Logging in as a profile user allows you to schedule meetings, view a list of meetings, and access system features unavailable to guests.


For step-by-step instructions on scheduling meetings, click here.

                                        Schedule vMeeting Page

Reservation Information:

Workflow Templates

The list of reservation option templates that vMeeting Administrator assigns to each user group.  They define the default values of reservation option parameters, such as video layout, speed and protocol and so on.  For more information, please refer to vMeeting Service Options.

Conference Type

Meetings can be scheduled as Reservation (once-off) or Reservationless (permanent meeting room). 

Conference Services

Audio / Video / Data Services are available, depending on the Workflow Template selected.  Click on Options Button to change Basic and/or Video Option Settings.

Conference Organizer

The user who logins to the system and schedules the meeting. 

Conference Chairperson

Meeting host, which by default, is the user who logins to the system. 

Chairperson PIN

A vMeeting password enables the system to uniquely identify a chairperson who joins a meeting that is occurring at any particular time, hence gives them certain function rights, which are not available to standard vMeeting Users.  vMeeting.NET can automatically assign Chairperson PIN, or users can assign custom or vanity IDs, such as SALES for a weekly sales meeting.  

Chairperson Password is only visible to Conference Chairpersons, Conference Organizers and vMeeting Administrators.

vMeeting ID

A vMeeting ID enables vMeeting.NET to uniquely identify a meeting that is occurring at any particular time.  vMeeting.NET can automatically assign meeting IDs, or users can assign custom or vanity IDs, such as SALES for a weekly sales meeting.

vMeeting ID is visible to all users, including invited participants.

Conference Name

The name of the conference.


Users can enter a brief description of the conference.


The date of the conference will start.

Start Time

The start time of the conference.


The duration of the conference.


Specify the frequency and number of times that the conference will run.  Click on the Recurrence Button to specify how often the meeting will be held, daily, weekly or monthly, and the number of times you want the recurring meeting to occur.

Video Sites

In a Video Service Conference, you can select the video sites that you wish to invite to the conference.  Click on the Invite Button to select from an existing list of video sites or add guest sites.


You can select the number of participants that you wish to invite to the conference.  Click on the Invite Button to select from an existing profile user list or add a guest.

Cost Centre

If your company performs bill-backs, this field is the Cost Code used to identify the group or department that should be billed for this meeting.


Click on the Attach Button to attach a file or an URL address.


Click on this button to confirm your scheduling of this conference.


Click on this button to cancel the scheduling process.


Click on this button to reset the scheduling process.


To schedule a meeting step by step:     

1.       From the vMeeting.NET Meeting Menu, click on the Schedule link.

2.       If you are not already logged in, you will be required to log in before proceeding to the Scheduling Page.

Tip: Select the Remember My Login Details checkbox on the login page to store your username for future sessions.

                                                        Login Page

3.       Fill in the meeting basic information, such as the date, time, and length of the meeting.

                                            Schedule vMeeting Page


Tip: Click on the Invite icon to invite participants from your vMeeting.NET address book or Guests.

4.       To schedule a recurring meeting, click on the Recurrence button to set the Frequency and Number of Occurrences that the conference will occur.

5.       Use the vMeeting Services Options, Inviting Video Sites, Inviting Participants and Attachment Options to customize your meeting. From these sections you can modify your meeting preferences and attach documents for other participants to view. When you've finished setting your options, click the Submit or OK button. That will return to the scheduling form.

6.       Click on the Schedule button to confirm your conference scheduling.

         If the resources are available and all user settings are correct, a successful message will appear to confirm that the meeting has been successfully scheduled.

         If users have made any conflicting settings in their conference,  the conference will not be scheduled and an error message will be returned with the details of the conflict settings.

                                        Reservation Confirmation Page