Rescheduling a Meeting

If you need to change the start time, date, or any other details of a meeting you scheduled, you can easily make these changes and vMeeting.NET will send an update notice to the invited participants. Only meeting organizers, chairpersons and vMeeting Administrators can reschedule meetings.


To reschedule a meeting:

1.       From the vMeeting.NET Meeting Menu, click the My vMeeting link. The Today's Meetings page appears.

2.       Click on the Future radio button. You can either enter the vMeeting ID or specify the From and To date fields, then click on the button to display the meetings. 

                                        My Future vMeetings Page

Note: You can only reschedule future meetings.

3.       Click on the vMeeting ID that you wish to reschedule. The details of that meeting will be then displayed.

                                        Reservation Confirmation Page

    4.   Click on the button to change the details of the meeting.

                                                        Update vMeeting Page

5.       You can modify details of the meeting, except for the vMeeting Type, Services, Chairperson PIN and Conference Name.  

Refer to How to Schedule a Meeting for descriptions of Reservation Information fields.

However, fields that are editable also depend on the Reservation Template  used to schedule the meeting, vMeeting Administrators can disable some fields so that users might not be able to modify them.  For more information, please refer to the vMeeting Administrators Help Files.

6.       Finally click on the OK button to confirm the changes.