Scheduling a Recurring Meeting

As meetings can occur on a regular basis, invites the same participants, starts at the same time and runs for a number of times, for example, you might want to schedule a meeting to run on every Monday from 9am to 10am, for four weeks.  

vMeeting.NET enables you to schedule recurring meetings and allows you to specify parameter settings, such as how often the meeting should run and the number of times that the meeting will run for.


To schedule a recurring meeting:

1.       From the Schedule vMeeting Page under the Reservation Information section, click the Recurrence button .

2.       The Select Recurrence Form will display as follows.

                                            Select Recurrence Page

3.       Set the Frequency of the meeting and the days of the week that you would like your meetings to run on.  

4.       Under the Range of Recurrence, you can also set the number of times you would like the meetings to run for.  Alternatively, specify an end date of the recurring meeting.

5.       When finished, click the OK button and then click the button to confirm scheduling.

Note: If vMeeting.NET is unable to schedule your complete recurring meeting chain, the system will prompt you with the message displaying the details of those meetings that were not scheduled successfully.  

If this happens, re-schedule individual instances of those meetings that could not be scheduled.