Navigating through vMeeting.NET

After logging into the vMeeting.NET, profile users will see the vMeeting Menu on the top panel. From the vMeeting.NET vMeeting Menu you can access to the following functionalities:

                                                        vMeeting.NET Menu


        My vMeetings. Brings you to the My vMeetings page where you can search for past, future, or current meetings.

        Attend: Enables you to quickly join a specified meeting after entering its vMeeting ID. Clicking the Attend Meeting tab automatically brings you to the Attend Meeting page where you can sign in as a profile user or as a guest.

        Schedule. Allows you to specify meeting parameters from the New Meeting page and then schedule an immediate meeting or a future meeting with or without knowing the exact date, time or participants. 

        My Profile. Brings you to the My User Account Page and allows you to modify your personal information.

        Help. Opens these help files in a separate browser window.

        Logout. Allows you to log out of vMeeting.NET and return to the Home Page.