vMeeting.NET is an integrated audio, video and web conferencing system that enables you to collaborate in real time with people in other locations. vMeeting.NET allows you to:

         Schedule, update and attend audio, video and web conferences from your web browser.

         Share and collaborate on live documents with other meeting participants.

         Access meeting materials, such as presentation slides and attachments, before and after the meeting.


To start using vMeeting.NET you need to either log in as a profile user or log in as a guest.

Logging in as a Profile User 

Note: Logging in as a profile user allows you to schedule meetings, view a list of meetings, and access system features unavailable to guests.

1.       From the Welcome to vMeeting.NET home page, go the the Login page.

2.       Enter your vMeeting.NET Username and Password in the fields provided. These values are case-sensitive. To avoid re-entering your Username in the future, check the Remember My Login Details box.

                                                    Login Page

3.       Click the button.

4.       You will be taken to the list of Today's Meetings in the My vMeetings Page.

                                        Today's Meetings

Logging in as a Guest User

As a guest user, you may attend specific meetings once you have been registered as a guest user. To attend a meeting as a guest:

1.       From the Welcome to vMeeting.NET home page, go to the Login Page.

2.       Enter your Guest Name and the Valid vMeeting ID in the fields provided, then click on the button to login to the meeting page.