Finding a Meeting

vMeeting.NET provides facilities for participants to search for meetings.  You can search Past Meetings, Today Meetings and Future Meetings by defining date ranges.  From the Advanced Search, you can also search meetings by vMeeting ID, Conference Name and Conference Organizer.


To find a meeting:

1.       From the vMeeting.NET Meeting Menu, click the My vMeetings link. The Today's Meetings page appears.

2.       You can then search through the past, today and future meetings by selecting the corresponding radio button.  

Select the Future radio button. You can then either enter the vMeeting ID or select the From and To date fields.  Then click on the button to display the meetings.  

The following screen will be displayed and outlining all future meetings that are scheduled to start between May 11 and May 18, 2004.


                                                    My Future vMeetings

    3. You can then click on the corresponding vMeeting ID to view its full detail information.


The search parameters for a meeting are as following:


vMeeting.NET allows you to search through its database of past, today and future meetings within specified dates.

vMeeting ID / Chairperson ID

Enter the vMeeting ID or Chairperson ID of the meeting you are searching for.  vMeeting.NET will accept both numeric and vanity ID forms.

Conference Name

Search by entering the name of the conference.

Conference Chairperson

Search by entering the conference chairperson.

Conference Type

Search conferences by their type combinations: Audio, Video and/or Data.


Click on the  button to search through vMeeting.NET database according to the search criteria.


Reset the search criteria.

Delete Checked

To cancel or delete a specific vMeeting.  Selecting future meetings and click on this button will delete the selected meetings.