Attending a Meeting

To attend a meeting, you can either join from the vMeeting.NET or connects to the meeting  through an end-point equipment at your site.  You may also have vMeeting.NET call you and direct you to the meeting.

Note: Dial-out License needs to be purchased in order to enable vMeeting.NET to dial out to participants.

To attend a meeting from vMeeting.NET, click HERE.

To attend a meeting from end points, click HERE.


To attend a meeting from the vMeeting.NET:

1.       Enter your vMeeting.NET Username and Password in the fields provided, and then click on the button.

                                                    Login Page

2.       Enter the vMeeting ID or Chairperson PIN of the meeting you want to join in the field provided and then click on the button.

                                            Attend vMeeting Page

Tip: If you do not know the ID of the meeting, click the Find Meeting tab to browse for the meeting by date.

3.       From the Reservation Confirmation page, click on the button to ask the system to dial to you.

                                    Reservation Confirmation Page

Tip: Depending on who logins to the system, only users with Administrator role have access to all buttons and functionalities, such as Initiate Guest Calls, Monitor Conference and Delete buttons.


4.       A pop-up window will be displayed to ask for your phone number which you will be using to attend the meeting.



    5. Enter the phone number and press OK button, the system will automatically dial out to your phone to connect you to the meeting. 


To attend a meeting from end-points:

From Audio End Points:

    1. Dial the MCU or bridge number, which is given and defined by vMeeting Administrator.

    2. Enter the vMeeting ID if you are an invited participant, or Chairperson PIN if you are a chairperson.

    3. Then simply follow the IVR prompts to enter the meeting.


From Video End Points:

    1. Dial to the meeting by entering the Path Navigator Prefix number, which is defined by system administrator, and vMeeting ID or Chairperson PIN.

    2. For example, if the Path Navigator Prefix Number is 55 and vMeeting ID is 12345678.  Simply enter 5512345678.

    3. After a while, you should be connected to the meeting and able to view all connected sites on your video screen.


Note: Details on how to attend both audio and video meetings from end-points are outlined in the email notifications.