Accessing Attachments

vMeeting.NET allows participants to attach documents and URLs to a meeting at any time, before and after the meeting starts.  Attachments can be accessed from Email Notification and from vMeeting.NET Web Page.


To Access Attachments from Email Notification:

vMeeting.NET will send invited participants a notification email about the scheduled meeting as well as any attached documents.

The following is what a typical notification email will look like, with the scheduled vMeeting ID, Conference Name, Conference Organizer, Description, Date, Start Time, Duration, Recurrence, Participants as well as the attachments.


                                          Email Notification



To Access Attachments from vMeeting.NET Web Page

Attachments are accessible from the vMeeting.NET Web Page.  Go to the vMeeting.NET Web Site, click on My vMeeting at vMeeting Menu on the left hand side of the page.  This will bring up a list of vMeetings that you are invited to.

Click on the vMeeting ID to bring up the reservation detail of the particular vMeeting.

                                    Reservation Confirmation Page

Click on the attachment link to open the attachment.

If you are a guest, simply enter your name in the Guest Field and vMeeting ID on the Login page.  It will then bring the guest to the same page with attachment links, however, they are only accessible when the meeting is currently running.

Note: If you login as a guest, you can only view the attachments when the meeting starts. Refer to How to Login as Guest.